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Disclaimer & Terms of Use

This Disclaimer and Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) governs all websites owned and operated by IPG Legal or affiliates thereof ("IPG Legal" "our" "us" or "we"), including all blogs and related sites (the “Websites”) and the services that we provide or offer on or through these Websites (the “Services”).​  If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, refrain from utilizing the Websites and Services.  


  • No Attorney-Client Relationship Exists or other Professional Relationship Exists
    Recipients of any and all content from this site, client or otherwise, should never act or refrain from acting on the basis of any of the content included on this site or related sites without seeking the legal or professional advice of a qualified attorney. 

  • Affiliated Offices
    We have affiliated  "offices" that serve clients via associated "offices."  Each office is, often, a separate and distinct legal entity and a member or an affiliate firm.  A "partner" is a person who is a partner, or equivalent.  An "office" is any member firm or an affiliate.  All offices are constituted and regulated in accordance with the relevant local legal, regulatory and compliance rules.  The use of  IPG Legal is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply that an "office" is in partnership with any other "office."  The responsibility for services is governed by the terms of engagement between an "office" and the client.  Some of the firms in a local area maintain, also, a local language name for the firm and may not utilize Our name as their official name or may our name in conjunction with another name or may utilize a different name. This is not a unique structure, numerous international law firms operate via the same system. 

Terms of Use

  • Conditions of Use
    We disclaim all warranties and make this site available “as is.”  We expressly disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding the Site and Service, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. 

    If you access any sites referred to within Websites or affiliated websites we are not responsible for the contents of any such site and our inclusion does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of said site.

    This site and related sites are for information purposes only.  The reader should obtain business, legal or other advice prior to acting or refraining from acting on any information on these websites, blogs or affiliated firm websites. 
    The information on the Websites may not be accurate, complete, current or applicable to your situation.  Pasts Results Do Not Guarantee Similar Outcomes. 

  • Intellectual Property
    The content and information posted on our Websites and made available through our Services (“the Content”) are owned by Us.  All rights are reserved.  You may solely, download, print, copy, share on social media material from the Website for personal use if you refrain from modifying the content and you acknowledges the author and IPG Legal. 

  • Dispute Resolution
    By utilizing our Websites and Services, you consent to these Terms of Use and the jurisdiction, venue, or choice of law of the Republic of Korea without regard to its laws regarding choice of laws. Therefore, any dispute arising out or relating to Website or Services are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea without regard to its laws regarding choice of laws.  By utilizing our Websites or Services you agree that any dispute arising from and relating to your use of the Website and/or Services shall be resolved solely and exclusively through arbitration in front of a single arbitrator in Seoul, Republic of Korea.


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Effective Date: May 3, 2020

​IPG Legal

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