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IPG Legal professionals are recognized internationally for delivering tailored and effective solutions to the most rewarding opportunities and most perplexing challenges via our Strategy First focus, intense dedication and our love in assisting clients in winning opportunities and resolving challenges. We are consistently ranked in legal and business publications as top lawyers and business professionals because of our candid street-smart advice, global experience, local connections and passion to consistently develop top talent.  

We work on matters for companies and individuals in China, Hong Kong, Korea, North America, throughout much of Southeast Asia.  

Our legal and business professionals are ranked top professionals by leading rating agencies and the media consults and quotes us on major global business and legal issues.  


Our professionals contribute to the The Korean Law Blog, The New York Law Blog, The China Business Law Blog and are regularly quoted by major news sources. Our professionals frequently publish articles and treatises in legal and business journals. 


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Reputation Matters

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We love to Win!

IPG's legal and business professionals love to win. We love solving difficult problems, love cracking complex puzzles, love capturing challenging opportunities and we strive in the most rough, tumble and shark-infested markets in the world. Our professionals have excelled for decades in many of the world's most difficult markets because of our Global ExperienceLocal Connections, Strategy First Focus and our Love of Winning Opportunities and challenges for our clients. 


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Sean Hayes Receives Highest Rating from AVVO, LawAsia & Corp. International.

Sean Hayes received the highest rating from AVVO, a leading legal rating company for International Law.  Sean Hayes has worked on many of the leading international legal issues facing companies in some of the most challenging markets in Asia.  

Sean Hayes regularly is quoted by leading publications (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, France 24, The Korean Times & Arirang).  Sean Hayes is a former professor of law and the first non-Korean to have worked for the South Korean court system.  

Sean has, also, received the highest ranking from other major law rating agencies, including, LawAsia & Corp. International.  

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