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Henry Yeo

Seoul, Korea

Hyeon D. "Henry" Yeo works as a Special Advisor to IPG in matters related to Korean government relations, Korean Education Law, foreign trade and investment related to education, environment and sustainable development.


Hyeon D. Yeo is, also, an expert mediator that is utilized as a third-party mediator for personal and business disputes.  Hyeon D. Yeo is, also, a valued member of our Pro Bono Team. 


  • “The logic and types of the corporate participation in international development cooperation”

  • “An analysis of women’s participation and leadership transformation in the early period of development in Korea”

  • “Theories of poverty eradication in international development cooperation and its implications for Korea”

  • “New War: Characteristics & Global Governance for Resolving the ‘Protracted Social Conflict’ in Darfur and Kenya”

  • “Does profit-oriented CSR bring corporate profit eventually”? – Critique of Utilitarian model and ‘creative paradox of paradox’

  • “A Comparative Study on Social Responsibility of Corporations in Korea and China - Through the characteristics and translation of the UN Global Compact Signatories”

  • “On Social Responsibility: A Study for Integration between ‘Corporate Principle’ and ‘Social Principle’ and its Meaning in Korea”

  • “Comparison on international cases in 3-D negotiation method: Ways of Resolution and its Limit-Through the case of WJC, Kennecott, North-South Korea and Sinai Cases”

  • "Perspectives about social responsibility from business community-Review of CSR philosophy on the UN Global Compact Related Activities in Korea"

  • "Reconciliation between Corporate Citizens and Democratic (UN-DESA)"

  • "The Characteristics and Prospect of UN Global Compact: Through Review on CSR and Corporate in Korea"

  • “A study on Corporate PR effect of Sustainable management: Focused on Grand- Prize Winners in Korea"

  • "Korean foreign policy in view of the foreign policy history"

  • Captivate: From Insight to Creative Solution (BOOK)

  • Korea Confronts The Future-Korea’s Vision for the future (BOOK)

  • Trans. By YEO, Indomitable Spirit (APJ Abdul Kalam’s Autobiography), 2009 Power driven by the Lack (BOOK)

  • Trans. By YEO, To Understand and to be Understood (Erik Bluementhal, To Understand and to be Understood) (BOOK)

  • Reading Seoul : The History of Seoul Mayors (BOOK)

  • Recognition of History Around the Liberation Age in Korea (BOOK)

Academic/Professional Experience

  • Professor & Chief Operating Officer, University of Aberdeen Korea Campus

  • Distinguished Senior Fellow & Professor, George Mason University

  • Dean of Business School, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies

  • Director of Executive MBA, Helsinki EMBA Seoul Program for Executives

  • Visiting Professor & Dean’s Advisor; School of Business, Colorado State University

  • Research Professor, Yonsei University

  • Visiting Scholars of University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University

  • Quality Control Consultant, Global Reporting Initiative, Amsterdam

  • Representative, Senior Advisor, World Economic Forum (“Davos Forum”), Geneva

  • Secretary General, AVC (Asia Vision Committee), Korea and Asia 

  • Chief Educational Executive, edFuture USA, New Jersey


  • Pennsylvania State University, Post Graduate Program in Management and Leadership

  • Yonsei University, Ph.D., M.A., B.A., Political Science


  • ROK Presidential Secretary; Director, Korea

  • Policy Research Fellow; Think Tank Institute, Korea

  • Editorial Writer; J-Daily News, New York

  • Other Experience

  • Advisory Research Team for the Ministry of Education, Korea

  • Member of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Bid Advisory Board

  • Member of the Minister of Justice’s Policy Committee, Korea

  • Advisor for the Ministry of Industries and Resources, Korea

  • Mentor for Young Challenger Forum (University Students and Children)

  •  Advisor to Ambassador John Maresca’s UPEACE Global Project   

  • Columnist for Diversity, New York


  • English & Korean