Tax & Customs Team

Taxes has always been a yearly nuisance (and risk) that affects you and/or your business. It is, often, important to have an experienced accounting firm and legal team to take care of this yearly headache and to avoid audits and criminal investigations.  IPG is, also, experienced in issues concerning the import of products, clearance of items from customs and import and export taxation.  We work hand-in-hand with an international accounting firm.

Our attorneys are, intentionally, different from the crowd.  From our retired judge partners to our junior associates, we are all trained with an intense focus on client success and to be adept at an understanding of the nexus between your business and the law. 

Our Tax and Customs team are experienced handling cases related to:

  • Criminal Defense.

  • Customs Advisory Services.

  • Customs Audits.

  • Individual & Business Tax Filings (via associated accounting firm).

  • Inheritance Taxation.

  • Tax Advisory Services.

  • Tax Audits.

  • Real Estate Taxation.


Please Contact US and discuss your matter with an attorney to see how IPG Legal can assist you.


  • Resolution of a customs enforcement matter for a leading chemical company. 

  • Resolution of a Tax Audit & Custom Audit for a leading food & beverage company. 

  • Filing of taxes for employees of the majority of our clients via an affiliated accounting firm.  

  • Tax advice concerning the structuring of an estate for a high net worth individual.

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