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Private Client Team

IPG Legal is a leading client-focused international law firm with offices in North America and throughout Asia.  We work on matters not just for companies, but our law firm has an active and experienced team of lawyers focused on the needs of foreigners residing in Korea, China, Southeast Asia and North America.  IPG Legal is a go-to firm for individuals when success is essential and success depends on a nuanced street-smart advice and proactive and non-conflicted representation.

Our attorneys are, intentionally, different from the crowd. From our retired judge partners to our junior associates, we are all trained with an intense focus on proactive client-focused advice and representation.  

Our team of lawyers works for individuals on a myriad of legal issues including:


  • Child Custody Disputes.

  • Civil Litigation.

  • Criminal Defense.

  • Debt Collection & Loan Disputes.

  • Divorce Disputes.

  • Family Law Disputes & Advisory Services.

  • Inheritance & Asset Transfers.

  • Personal Bankruptcy.

  • Personal Taxation. 

  • Small Business, Growing Businesses & Startup Matters.

  • Wills, Trusts & Estates.

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney to see how IPG Legal can assist you. 


  • Structuring of an estate for a leading entertainer prior to an anticipated divorce.

  • Numerous divorce, custody and other private client matters.

  • Estate planning advice and tax filing services for international clients.

  • Tax advisory services via an affiliated accounting firm.

  • Management of the IP of a leading international investor. 

  • Successful argument of election matters in N.Y. Appellate Division.

  • Successful trial in N.Y. election re-count; dismissal of allegations of election fraud. 

  • Successful granting of employment-based, family-based and investment-based visas, for Korea, China and throughout South-East Asia.