Mergers, Acquisitions & JVs

IPG legal represents and provides legal guidance to our worldwide clients on M&A matters. Our firm is frequently chosen by international corporate clients when a nuanced, proactive and Asian street-smart attorney is required for success.  

IPG legal team has assisted companies on matters related to:

  • Acquisition financing.

  • Drafting of JV & shareholder agreements.

  • Evaluation of target companies. 

  • JV & partnership disputes.

  • M & A advisory services.

  • M & A dispute resolution services. 

  • Pre-Merger & acquisition due diligence.

  • Purchase of Small & Medium-Size companies. 

  • Registration of corporations.

  • Reverse mergers.

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist your company in a pending or potential dispute. 

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