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Recognition and enforcement of a foreign divorce decree in New York are via the process of domestication of the foreign divorce decree. A foreign divorce decree may undergo a process of domestication which involves the recognition and enforcement of the foreign divorce decree.

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Britney Spears made headlines with an online campaign that seeks to end the conservatorship (guardianship) of the controversial pop star. A judge, in early 2008, ordered a conservatorship with her father and a lawyer as the conservators of her estate. While the following matter does not, directly, deal with New York Law, since this matter is occurring in California, the general principles discussed hold true for most States. The explanation below is the basics of the New York Guardianship Law. We shall have followup articles in the near future, please check back often or subscribe.

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Hiring a NY lawyer can be stressful. I have hired many associates and senior lawyers for my firm and a large international law firm I worked with. I find the vetting of lawyers requires high-level interview skills and a lot of instincts. In many cases, it is more art than since. I find that a short contact is, often, not adequate to determine if the lawyer is right for your needs. While hiring a New York lawyer is hard for law firms, I can’t even imagine how hard it is for those with no experience with lawyers and especially New York Lawyers (a totally different breed of lawyer). I am writing this post in reaction to some horror stories I have heard of and, recently, witnessed. I shall share that story, for another day.

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