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New York, failing just behind Pennsylvania and just above California ranked 2nd Place on the Judicial Hellhole List for 2020. The Judicial Hellhole List is a ranking by the American Tort Reform Foundation. The full report may be found at: ATR Foundation’s Judicial Hellhole List. While not all lawyers of this firm agree with all aspects of the report, the report is still worth a read.

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Good or bad publicity is still free press after all. And many PR professionals accept any form of publicity surrounding a book launch at no extra fee as it can spread like wildfire to readers and even non-readers alike with minimal effort. To continue reading this article, click here.

New York City offers entrepreneurs access to a market with consumers with high disposable income and where investors and lenders are ready to assist entrepreneurs who wish to start or grow their businesses in the Big Apple. However, that doesn’t mean that starting a business in New York is a simple stroll in Central Park. Numerous legal challenges, business challenges, and realities exist for those intending to do business in New York. The good thing, is New York City is loaded with great talent, a dynamic population and the City has the ability to change direction when the population sees the need for change. To continue reading this article, click here.