Franchise & Distribution Team

Franchisors, Distributors, Franchisees, Entrepreneurs work with IPG to help in assisting companies to succeed in business in Korea, China, the United States and Southeast Asia.  


IPG's attorneys, often, find that to succeed in Asia, proactive, connected, non-conflicted and nuanced street-smart attorneys are necessary for success.  Thus, when doing business in Asia it is necessary to have proactive and street-smart local guides with significant experience and connections. 

IPG has one of the leading attorneys working on Franchise & Distribution matters in Asia. 


IPG legal is a leading  group of international lawyers and business professionals with  expertise in working on Franchising & Distribution matters including:


  • Cancellation/termination of franchise agreements.

  • Development of compliant franchise systems.

  • Dispute Resolution between franchisees and franchisors.

  • Drafting of distribution and license agreements for international distributors and franchises.

  • Drafting of franchise agreements and disclosure documents.

  • Vetting of franchisees & franchisors.

  • Franchise registrations.

  • Registration and dissolution of companies.

  • Registration of and Disputes concerning Intellectual Property; Termination of Franchises; and Franchise System Compliance Issues.

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist your company in a pending or potential dispute. 


  • Successful registration of a franchise disclosure document with the Fair Trade Commission of Korea for an international bakery franchise.

  • Successful resolution of a dispute between an international F & B franchise and a Korean company concerning franchising in Korea.

  • Drafted numerous agent, distribution and license agreements for international distributors and franchises.

  • Successful completion of the retention of an international fast casual food franchise for a Master.

  • Review and Revise Franchise Agreement Based on NY Law for an international franchisor entering the NY market.

  • Successful resolution of a franchise dispute for a leading international Master and a NY franchise.  

  • Draft and registration of numerous disclosure documents for franchisors.

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