Labor & Employment Law Team

IPG Employment & Labor Law Team has legal experience handling labor-related issues for clients, including, matters concerning compensation, retirement allowances, wrongful termination, employment rules, collective labor-related matters, collective bargaining agreements, union-related matters, business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and collective transfer of employees. 

We handled matters for employees and employers in local courts and tribunals and for U.S. government employees at the MSPB, EEOC and in federal courts. Our team have experience in matters such as;

  • Unlawful termination.

  • Labor Litigation.

  • Drafting Employment Agreements.

  • Unpaid Salary Disputes.

  • Trade Secrets Leak.

  • Pension and Severance Disputes.


Leading rating services have rated IPG attorneys as leading lawyers working in the United States, Korea and throughout Asia. ​

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist you in a pending or potential dispute. 


  • Drafted employment agreements, employee handbooks, employment rules and formed a pension and corporate compliance system for a NASDAQ-listed company.

  • Oversaw the layoff of 5% of the staff of a manufacturer in China and Korea. 

  • Prevailed in numerous cases of foreign employees of Korean companies who were wrongfully dismissed from conglomerates. 

  • Successful resolution via arbitration of the dismissal of a senior executive for a leading international oil & gas company.

  • Complete restructuring of the HR Compliance System for an international retailer.

  • Successful mediation of a $1.25M Labor Law claim for injuries suffered resulting from a fall from elevation on a construction site in New York.  

  • Successful resolution of numerous Merit System Protection Board & Equal Employment Opportunity Commission matters.

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