Criminal Defense Team

Criminal convictions may led, in many cases, a major change to the life of you and your family.  You may receive time in jail, high fines, loss of licenses and lasting damage to reputation.  In these cases, the most important choice is, often, the choice of your attorney. 


Our Criminal Defense Team has won, for client's dismissals, not guilty verdicts, suspended jail sentences and has settled numerous matters outside of court.  

Criminal Defense Team

IPG’s Criminal Defense Team is led by a leading Korean criminal defense attorney.  Retired Judge SJ Kook has earned, for clients, over 60 not guilty verdicts in Korea.  


 Hiring proactive, connected and respected lawyer in Korea is essential in all matters where you have or may be accused of a crime.  

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist you in a pending or potential criminal matter. 

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