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Corporate & Compliance Law Team

IPG's Corporate Law and Compliance Law Team advises clients on matters from the creation of a corporate entity through to its liquidation.  Our team of professional's expertise covers the entire lifespan of a corporation, including advisory services related to Korean, China, United States and Southeast Asia compliance and litigation concerning the operation of its business in these locales. 

Leading rating services rate IPG Legal as a leading law firm operating in Asia. IPG serves mainly multinational companies, expat owned companies and individuals in North America, Korea, China and Southeast Asia. 

Our experienced lawyers and business professionals can guide and assist clients on issues related to:

  • Company Liquidations

  • Company Restructuring.

  • Corporate Governance.

  • Korean, Chinese, U.S. & Southeast Asian Acquisitions.

  • Korean, Chinese, U.S. & Southeast Asian Joint Ventures.

  • Leveraged Buyouts.

  • Shareholder Due Diligence.

  • Tender Offers.

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist your company in a pending or potential dispute. 


  • Successful entry of a Fortune 500 e-commerce site into the Korean and Chinese markets. 

  • Consulted on licensing, joint venture and regulatory compliance issues for an American real estate developer’s shopping mall joint venture. 

  • Due Diligence, drafting of shareholder agreement and the successful completion of the acquisition of a Chinese company by an American fashion brand.

  • Successful completion of a merger of a Chinese pharmaceutical company and a Korean medical device company. 

  • Representation of a leading military defense company in all matters related to world-wide business.  

  • Successful registration of a NY non-profit for state and federal tax exempt status.