Antitrust, Competition & FTC Law Team

A nuanced understanding of Antitrust/Competition laws is essential for expanding companies that wish to stay out of the cross hairs of regulatory bodies.  Non-compliance may lead to fines, prohibition of doing business in the locale, loss of consumer confidence and even a jail sentence.  


IPG's Antitrust Team plays a vital role in assisting MNC, growing companies and entrepreneurs in navigating the numerous merger control, dominant player compliance issues, franchise, distribution and restraint on trade matters facing our clients.  We have assisted clients with:

  • Antitrust Litigation.

  • Compliance Audits.

  • Criminal Defense.

  • Franchise & Distribution Investigations.

  • FTC Investigations​​.

  • International Trade Issues.

  • Litigation Concerning the Restraint on Trade.

  • Merger Control Audits.

  • U.S. ITC Matters.

Please Contact US​ and discuss your matter with an attorney in order to see how IPG can assist your company in a pending or potential dispute.  


  • Successful resolution of numerous KFTC investigations.

  • Successful merger of a Korean company with a foreign multinational.

  • Numerous franchise disclosure documents filed with the KFTC.

  • Resolution of numerous complaints against franchisors and distributors. 

  • Not guilty verdict for an employee of a major defense company.

  • Not guilty verdict for a director of an international company.

  • Imposition of a tariff by the U.S. International Trade Court on a Korean conglomerate based on a filing by a U.S. Fortune 500 Company.

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